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My Creations

As a creator, I am grateful for the opportunities I have been given to bring my most heartfelt and creative ideas to life. From using the power of humour and play to shed light on underrepresented social issues, to using interactive comedy shows and digital mediums to engage and inspire, I am deeply moved by the chance to use my voice and make a meaningful impact. Each and every one of my creations holds a special place in my heart, and I am beyond honoured to have received recognition and awards for my work throughout my career.

Mail Ordered The Show

An award-winning comedy show about the life of a charming young girl seeking that promise for a better life with the help of her new Canadian friends. The comedy show is the winner of 3 Canadian Awards.

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La Mariposa Borracha

La Mariposa Borracha ‘The Drunken Butterfly’ is a clown-theatre performance exploring the rollercoaster  journey of illness in the perspective of a patient and her caregivers. Patient X as she escapes from the hospital to do one last spectacular showcase. It was presented as part of the Gateway Arts Festival 2019 (Singapore). 

Tropical Arts Club

A digital talkshow series that delves into the personal and career journeys of talented creative professionals from around the globe. With two seasons under our belt, including the highly-acclaimed Tropical Arts Crisis Season 2, we have had the honor of featuring an array of exceptional creatives on our show. Our series has garnered attention from Arts Equator magazine and SeedlyTV, and we are thrilled to continue sharing these unique and unconventional stories with our audience.

 Independent Films

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