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Heart Truths is a punchy podcast that sees Bryna and Shanice tackle a host of heart-hitting topics with their signature brand of effervescence, candor and humor. 


What happens when we choose to leave home, either to pursue dreams, opportunities, or to support a spouse? How does venturing out of my comfort zone shape my perspectives on identity, belonging, and purpose? When we make the seemingly exciting plunge into the unknown, does the new land yield milk and honey? What do we do when the journey turns sour, and the going gets tough?


There are no easy or textbook answers to these hard questions. But they need to be asked, and they need to be grappled with. The dynamic duo promise a fun, honest, from-the-heart-no-filter deep dive, and life buoys along the way to listeners who might be thinking: I want an adventure, but will I sink while in search of treasure?


 Life’s a wild ride. We’re in for it. Are you?

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Welcome to the My Dad, The Salesman podcast – the show where award-winning sales coach Stanis Benjamin teams up with his award-winning actor and clown daughter Shanice to explore the exciting realms of sales, leadership, and essential business skills.

Stanis Benjamin, a prolific author with two notable books, "Sales Prospecting Strategies and Skills" and "Personal Power through Prospecting," brings his wealth of knowledge to the podcast. As an esteemed keynote speaker, he has graced international events, including the Million Dollar Roundtable, MDRT Experiences, and Global Conferences.

Join this dynamic father-daughter duo for insightful discussions, entertaining banter, and a unique blend of professional expertise and comedic charm. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting in the business world, My Dad, The Salesman is your go-to podcast for valuable insights and a good dose of laughter. Tune in and embark on a journey of business wisdom and family fun!

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